Cloud Computing and Managed Services

Fully managed AWS environments with 24x7x365 operational support, custom architecture design, and enhanced account management benefits across multiple accounts.


  • We handle the ops for your AWS environment 24x7x365
  • Access to the expertise of AWS certified engineers and architects
  • Ability to keep pace with AWS’s fast-evolving service catalog
  • Migration, security and DevOps services


Managed Services Description Standard Premium DevOps and Professional Services
Discovery  x

Understand business objectives and current challenges(e.g, migration to AWS, refactoring current AWS footprint, providing MSP to existing AWS footprint etc.)

Understand systems SLAs, RTO, RPO requirements x
Define architecture options to be considered(e.g, Lift & Shift vs refactoring) x
Generate high-level application / logical diagrams and detailed infrastructure schematics for proposed architecture x
Author solution design document x
Account Management and Tooling
Provide named Technical Account Manager (TAM) and Project Manager (PM) resources x x
Consolidate billing across AWS accounts x x
Consolidate AWS Console user management across AWS accounts x x
Consolidate AWS Cloud Trail data across regions and accounts x x
Provide secure network access to environment for developers and administrators x x

Maintain and update infrastructure schematics for proposed architecture (e.g, VPC and subnet design, etc)

Vendor management for cloud (AWS/Azure) and third party tools/SaaS providers x
Collaboration tool – Developers direct access to Cloudops team via Hipchat service x

Provide recommendations and best-practices around account architecture, security, cost, and performance optimization

Infrastructure Implementation & Service Activation
Create, test and deploy core infrastructure (AWS and Azure) x x

Configure & test WAN connectivity to On-Premised Data Center (Direct Connect, VPN, Firewall Rules)

x x
Deploy and scale web applications x
Ensure proper resource tagging of infrastructure components x
CIS level-1 system hardening and maintain AMI x
DNS & SSL Configuration (Route53 & AWS Certificate Manager) x
User acceptance testing x
Network and Access Security Implementation
Create, test and deploy IAM roles and polices x x
Create, test and apply Security Groups and NACLs x x
Operating system user management x x
Implement IDS/IPS, AntiVirus & Malware, FIM solutions x
Threat Management implementation and Support (alertlogic, qualys, ivs) x
Application Administrative Support
Creation of standard golden AMIs x x

Configure bootstrapping of supported operating systems using Ansible or Cloud Formation or AutoScale Launch Configuration

Customization of standard gold AMI with application stack x
Arrange extended scope application engagement (e.g., Build Deployment) x
Migration of application data and basic database administration x
Create, test and deploy Elastic Beanstalk Configuration (incl .extensions) x
Log file and startup script management x

Development and deployment of configuration management artifacts (Ansible)

Debug production issue related application performance or avalaibility x
Backups & Replications
Snapshots backup management and restore x x
File-level backup and retrival (logs, configs, etc.) x x
S3 lifecycle policy creation and optimization x
OS auto and manual patching (including security tools) x x
Database patching x x
3rd party software patching (including application servers) x
Monitoring and Alerting
Configuration of Service Monitoring (CloudWatch, Microsoft Operation Center) incl. VPC, RDS, SQS,ELB, Elastic Cache, SES, SNS, CloudTrail etc. x x
AWS Config Triggers and Rule Management x x

Infrastructure Monitoring: Configuration and management of log aggregation (eg, syslog, TrendMicro, Alert Logic, CloudWatch)*

Base App Monitoring (eg. Tomcat, Apache, JVM, Jboss) with Datadog x
Configuration of application performance and synthetic transaction monitoring, e.g., New Relic x
Support Operations / Ticketing
Provide extended business hour support& monitoring for EU Central/US  (18×5) x x
Response to Alerts & initial troubleshooting x x
Provide 24x7x365 Support & Monitoring Responses via ticketing and phone x
Jira tickets and workflow x
Document policies and procedure on Wiki x
Third party alert configuration and management (Trend Micro Deep Security and Alert Logic) x
Configuration of custom application alerts x
Security Operations
Security Groups (FW), NACLs management x x
Scan Findings and Remediation (Qualys, IVS) x x
IDS/IPS, Antivirus and Malware x
Collaborate with InfoSec for security reviews x
File Integrity Monitoring x
SIEM Management x
DevOps & Release Engineering
Integrated support and operation for 3rd party security tool sets x

DevOps support using native AWS or custom tool chain e.g, OpsWorks, Code Deploy, Code Commit, Cloud Formation templates

Help build environment for reliability, resiliency on AWS platform x
Work closely with client to identify and implement any additional custom tooling necessary to achieve business goals. x
Review current build and deployment process with client teams. x
Custom implementation of 3rd party tools e.g; Datadog,New Relic, Pager Duty x
Develop a roadmap that outlines SME goals and timeline for DevOps automation into environment. x
Assistance in the writing of customized configuration management code using 3rd part tools like Ansible x
Implementation and customization of continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) tool chain using 3rd party tools e.g., Gitlab and Jenkins x
Technical environment review x
Best Practices and Architecture x
Assessment report x
Cost calculation and Optimization x
Planning and Scheduling x

Detailed AWS design bases on application and requirements analysis


Dedicated technical support during migration phase

InfoSec assessment and review x
Assistance getting app and data migrated to AWS x
Other Professional Services
Performance optimization and tuning x
Refactor architecture and design x
Disaster Recovery x
InfoSec System Assessment Archer Updates x
InfoSec Network Assessment Archer Updates x
Custom implementation for 3rd party tools and services like Trend Micro Deep Security and Alert Logic x